Get Involved.

Woodlake has a number of service clubs and organizations that are involved in the local community. Woodlake has an active Lions Club, Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, Woodlake Pride club, and The Homegrown Project.  Check out our calendar for local events hosted by these clubs and get more information about each club below. 

Our Clubs

Woodlake Pride

Woodlake PRIDE coalition is a unique volunteer organization dedicated to involving the youth of Woodlake in innovative beautification projects throughout the community. The organization also established a community garden on Valencia Blvd. near Magnolia Street. 

Woodlake Lions

The Woodlake Lions Club is proud to assist local organizations, schools and charities. For the past 59 years, the Woodlake Rodeo has been the major event for the Woodlake Lions Club. This event has enabled the Woodlake Lions to donate thousands of dollars to support activities, events and programs in the community. 

Woodlake Rotary

The Woodlake Rotary raises money for scholarships, educational projects, community projects and many youth service projects. Rotary Foundation money goes to Rotary International where many world-wide projects such as international exchange scholarships and polio are funded.

Woodlake Kiwanis

Woodlake Kiwanis is part of Kiwanis International, a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world we live in by helping our community’s children and families by making the world around us a brighter, happier and healthier place.

The Homegrown Project

The Homegrown Project is a Non-Profit organization who’s fundamental goal is working together to build a better and stronger City of Woodlake through community service.