Local Schools.

Public education in Woodlake and surrounding areas is provided by the Woodlake Union School District. Individual campuses include:

Francis J. White Elementary
Castle Rock Elementary 
Woodlake Valley Middle School 
Woodlake High School 
Bravo Lake High School 
Total combined enrollment for the two districts in 2000 was 2,400 students.

In 1998, Woodlake Union School District opened its newest campus, Castle Rock Elementary School, on the east side of Woodlake, on Castle Rock Street and Lake View Avenue. The City of Woodlake partnered with the school district in development a joint use athletic field/storm drainage basin on the north side of the school.

For more information on Woodlake schools please call 564-8081. The Woodlake Public Schools Office is located at 300 W. Whitney Avenue, Woodlake, CA 93286.