Contract Opportunity


The City of Woodlake is requesting proposals from construction management firms experienced in Caltrans transportation projects to provide Construction Management and Resident Engineer Services. This Request for Proposals is being issued by the City of Woodlake, City Administrators Office.

Unless otherwise directed, all communications regarding this Request for Proposals should be directed to the City of Woodlake at (559) 564-8055, or fax (559) 564-8776. However, to prevent misinterpretations, the City would prefer that all questions be sent by e-mail to

The City of Woodlake plans to construct curb, gutter, sidewalk, ADA ramps, storm drainage, pavement, flashing beacon system, drive approaches and striping on North Valencia Boulevard (SR 245) from Sierra Avenue south to Whitney Avenue.

The City is looking for professional services to assist the City in delivering these improvements. Specifically, this proposal seeks construction management and resident engineer services to assist the City in the construction and closeout phases of the City of Woodlake North Valencia Boulevard Improvements Project.

The engineer’s estimate of construction costs is $940,000.00.

Sealed proposals will be received at the office of the City Administrator, City Hall, 350 N. Valencia Blvd., Woodlake CA, 93286 until 4:00 p.m., December 27, 2017.

RFP Document

Job Opportunity

1. Police Lieutenant

The City of Woodlake is seeking applications for the Police Lieutenant position. The Lieutenant under general direction of the Chief of Police, manages, directs and coordinates patrol division sections, administrative or investigative division to ensure operational efficiency and achievement of goals and objectives.

Key Responsibilities

  • Monitors community needs for police service; deploys assigned personnel and resources to achieve maximum effect in crime prevention and suppression and investigation; and assists officers in handling difficult situations.
  • Oversees discipline and reward, training and evaluation of personnel in assigned unit; supervises Sergeants and civilian personnel responsible for supervision of other Department personnel.
  • Investigates complaints and misconduct and policy violations; conducts other confidential internal affairs investigations.
  • Responds to major law enforcement incidents; personally participates in major investigations; determines disposition of incident and investigation reports.
  • Researches, designs, directs and promotes a variety of special projects such as development of Department manuals and policies, Neighborhood Watch, SWAT Team, 911 Emergency Response System, development or revision of City Ordinances, and Department productivity measurement.
  • Participates in formulating Department policies and budget; monitors progress; prepares a variety of reports as required; and may prepare grant proposals.
  • Participates in a wide variety of community relations and education activities including making public presentations and representing the Department to community groups, task forces and other government agencies.
  • May serve as Department Recruitment Officer; may conduct background investigations of applicants.
  • Acts as Chief of Police as assigned.
  • Performs duties of higher rank for training purposes.
  • Testifies in legal proceedings.
  • Performs related duties as required.

Reporting Relationships

This position reports to the Chief of Police and supervises assigned personnel.

Desirable Qualifications

Knowledge of/Skill in/Ability to:

  • Current practices in the management of police operations.
  • All basic police operations as taught in California Basic Police Academy.
  • Federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding civil and criminal violations, and the conduct of law enforcement operations including arrest, search, seizure, incarceration, interrogation, investigation and use of deadly force.
  • City streets, buildings and geography.
  • Department policies and procedures relating to officer conduct, training and discipline.
  • Principles and practices of organization and public administration.
  • Municipal budget preparation and analysis.
  • Principles of supervision, training and performance evaluation.
  • Modern office methods and procedures.
  • Problem analysis and resolution; development and presentation of recommendations.
  • Public relations and contact.
  • Short and long-range planning.
  • Effectively deploy personnel in crime prevention and suppression activities.
  • Maintain Department physical fitness standards for the purpose of pursuing, subduing and arresting suspects, and defending against physical assault.
  • Accurately aim and fire a weapon.
  • Stabilize crime scenes and other disorderly or dangerous situations using the least inflammatory methods available.
  • Write concise, thorough reports of incidents and investigations for a variety of public users.
  • Exercise command authority in any law enforcement situation.
  • Direct, evaluate and supervise the work of assigned personnel.
  • Communicate effectively in written and oral form.
  • Follow oral and written directions.
  • Develop and maintain effective working relationships.

Experience and Education

Any combination equivalent to experience and education that could likely provide the required knowledge, skill and ability is qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge, skill and abilities would be:

  • Previous experience as a Police Sergeant or comparable position, with demonstrated management, organization and planning abilities in police patrol, investigation or administration.
  • Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, police science, public administration or related field.

Special Requirements

  • Possession of an Advanced POST Certificate.
  • Possession of a valid California Driver’s License.
  • Must successfully complete the POST Middle Management Course within one (1) year of appointment.

Physical Standards

Must maintain P.O.S.T. physical standards, including mobility and physical strength and stamina to respond to emergency situations and apprehend suspects, lift and push or pull individuals or objects weighing up to 25 pounds and perform the essential functions of the job; ability to work in a standard office setting and to operate a motor vehicle.

Compensation and Benefits

Class Title: Police Lieutenant

Salary: $6,360 – $7,282 Monthly – starting pay step based on qualifications


12 days of vacation.

11 holidays per year.

12 administrative days off.

Health/dental/vision/life insurance.

PERS 2@ 55 for current members or 2 @ 62 for non-members.

ICMA 457 Deferred Compensation  Program available.

Wellness Program.

Employee Assistance Program.

Accepting application until position is filled. Applications are available at City Hall or at www.cityof and may be delivered to City Hall at 350 N. Valencia Blvd., Woodlake, CA 93286.  For questions, please contact the City at 559-564-8055.


2. Police Sergeant

The City of Woodlake is seeking applications for a Police Sergeant position. The Sergeant would be responsible for supervision of the activities of Police Officers on an assigned shift and to perform skilled law enforcement work conducting criminal investigations or serving in specialized assignments.  The Sergeant responds to the Police Lieutenant and/or Police Chief.

Typical Duties

Duties may include, but are not necessarily limited to: supervise, train, motivate and counsel employees; conduct briefings and issue assignments to staff; determine and implement a daily operational plan to be followed by the officers on duty; compile information for department and public records; plan, organize, conduct, and supervise in-service training and special enforcement missions; conduct criminal investigations, collect evidence, and secure and maintain records at crime scenes; enforce applicable laws, ordinances and departmental rules and regulations; diagram crime scenes for court presentation, and testify in court; prepare personnel evaluations and recommend or initiate disciplinary action when required; write crime, incident, accident, and supervisory reports; write and issue citations, serve subpoenas and arrest and search warrants, and advise persons of their rights; evaluate and take appropriate action on complaints in accordance with departmental policy ensure good relations with visitors through staff management and interaction with the public.

Necessary Employment Standards

Knowledge of criminal investigation techniques and practices; principles and practices of law enforcement including appropriate laws, statutes, ordinances, court decisions and their effect; departmental policies, practices, and procedures; use of photographic and crime scene equipment; availability and use of social and investigative resources; social issues related to law enforcement; laws of arrest and detention of persons; safety and emergency institutional procedures; Health and Safety Code, and Penal Code provisions; office and records procedures and practices.

Must also have the ability to supervise, train, motivate and evaluate employees; organize and coordinate workload to accomplish departmental goals; implement departmental policies, regulations and procedures; write letters, memoranda and reports clearly and concisely; communicate persuasively and tactfully with persons of varied educational, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds; command and use authority exercising tact, restraint, judgment and strategy; give and follow written and oral instructions; observe unusual or dangerous situations and take appropriate action; deal effectively with persons in various emotional states; make effective public presentations; mediate problems and counsel with staff ; use communication and audio-visual equipment; read and interpret complex technical documents, and topographical road maps; identify contraband including weapons and drugs; administer first aid and CPR; train others in the appropriate use and operation of a variety of weapons; operate patrol and other departmental vehicles safely in normal and emergency situations; exercise caution in problem situations, and recognize safety hazards and act accordingly.

Education and Experience

Any combination of education and experience that could likely provide the required knowledge, skills, and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge, skills, and abilities would be:

Education: Equivalent to completion of the twelfth grade.

Experience: Three (3) years’ experience in law enforcement work, including experience in criminal investigation and patrol activities.

License or Certificate
Possession of, or ability to obtain an appropriate, valid California driver’s license; possession of a Basic POST Certificate.

Compensation and Benefits

Class Title: Police Sergeant

Salary: $4,938 – $6,002 Monthly – starting pay step based on qualifications


12 days of vacation.

11 holidays per year.

Health/dental/vision/life insurance.

PERS 2@ 55 for current members or 2 @ 62 for non-members.

ICMA 457 Deferred Compensation  Program available.

Wellness Program.

Employee Assistance Program

Accepting application until position is filled. Applications are available at City Hall or at www.cityof and may be delivered to City Hall at 350 N. Valencia Blvd., Woodlake, CA 93286.  For questions, please contact the City at 559-564-8055.


3. Police Officer 

The City of Woodlake is seeking applications for Police Officer (Reserve) positions. The Police Officer would be responsible for assigned shift, patrols assigned areas on foot or in a vehicle; responds to calls; conducts investigations; enforces laws, controls and directs traffic, and cites or warns drivers who are operating vehicles in violation of law; makes arrests; testifies in court, serves warrants and subpoenas; administers first aid in a emergency cases.

Answers complaints on such problems as civil disturbances, animals health code and local ordinance violations; investigates suspicious circumstances; makes property security checks; takes custody of lost and found property; performs crowd control.

Takes crime prevention measures and assists in controlling problems of juvenile delinquency; books and transports prisoners and assists in their custody, care and welfare; receives calls and dispatches emergency vehicles and personnel according to departmental policy and standard procedures.


Completion of a certified Peace Officer Standards and Training Basic Academy. Possession of a valid and appropriate California Driver’s License.

Minimum age of 21 years; with weight in proportion to height. Must e examined by a licensed physician surgeon and meet the minimum requirements adopted by the State Commission on Peace Officers Standards and training. Ability to demonstrate physical endurance, ability and strength. Any combination of training and experience equivalent to the completion of the 12 grade or G.E.D. Ability to read and understand departmental policy and instructions, laws and regulations, and police literature, together with an aptitude for law enforcement work; ability to analyze situations and adopt a quick, effective course of action giving due regards to the surrounding hazards and circumstances of each situation. Ability to write clear and accurate reports; ability to understand and follow oral and written directions; ability to deal tactfully and effectively with the public.

Special Requirements

Obtain a Peace Officer Standards and Training Basic Certificate within two years of appointment. Must have a first aid and CPR card.

Accepting application on an ongoing basis. Applications can be delivered to City Hall at 350 N. Valencia Blvd., Woodlake, CA 93286.


4. Maintenance Worker

The City of Woodlake is seeking a candidate for a Maintenance Worker I position.

Maintenance Worker I will perform a variety of skilled and semiskilled duties in the Public Works Department. Duties will include maintenance, landscaping and semi-skilled plumbing.  May construct, install and repair partitions, shelving, doors, windows, roofs and floors.  Will perform grounds work.  Will perform other maintenance, repair, and construction duties as assigned.  ($2,588 – $3,145 monthly plus excellent benefits).

Position requires education equivalent to completion of the twelfth grade and a valid Driver’s License.  To apply for this position, submit an application (which can be found on the city website to the City Clerk, City of Woodlake, 350 N. Valencia Blvd., Woodlake, CA 93286 by 4:00 p.m., December 29, 2017.


Job Requirements