Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my utility bills?

Water and sewer bills are due by the 1st of each month, with late fees being assessed after the 20th of the month. The City accepts credit cards, cash, check and money orders as payment. Payments can be made at City Hall or  left in the City’s drop box.

I want to report a stray animal.

Please report all stray animals to the Woodlake Police Department by calling 559-564-3346.

I want to talk to the Police Department.

You can contact the Woodlake Police Department by calling 559-564-3346.

I am interested in getting a first time homebuyers loan from the City.

Self-Help Enterprises manages the City’s First Time Homebuyer and Home Rehabilitation programs. You can contact Self-Help to determine if you are eligible for the programs by calling 1-800-735-2929 (English) or 1-800-855-3000 (Spanish).

I want to see the City’s budget.

The City provides its annual budget online. The budget can be accessed here.

When are City Council meetings?

City Council meetings are typically held every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 6:30 PM at City Council Chambers (350 N. Valencia Blvd., Woodlake, CA 93286).

The City’s online calendar also provides the dates and times of City Council meetings.

I have a complaint about my trash service.

Please contact City Hall at 559-564-8055 with any concerns you have about trash service. Woodlake’s trash service is provided by Mid-Valley Disposal.

I have a complaint about barking dogs/noise.

Please contact the Woodlake Police Department at 559-564-3346 for complaints regarding barking dogs/excessive noise.

When do I need to get a building permit?

A construction permit is needed for all new construction. In many cases a permit is needed for repair or replacement of existing features, such as replacing windows. A plumbing, electrical or mechanical permit is required for any additions or changes to the structure’s existing system; for example, moving or adding an electrical outlet requires a permit. To determine whether your project requires a permit, please call the City at 559-564-8055.

A construction permit is not required for items such as wallpapering, painting or similar finish work; fences under six feet tall in height; platforms and walks less than 30 inches tall over grade or not over a basement; and other circumstances. Permits are not normally required for replacement or repair of fixtures (such as changing water faucets or replacing electric switches). However, items such as replacing a water heater does require a permit. To determine whether your construction project requires a permit, please call the City at 559-564-8055.

How do I get a business license?

A business license is required for all businesses that conduct work within Woodlake. Businesses can apply for a business license at City Hall (350 N. Valencia Blvd. Woodlake, CA 93286).

How do I file a complaint about a city employee or police officer?

Individuals wishing to comment or file a complaint about a Woodlake employee or police officers may submit a comment via the City’s online comment system, fill out a complaint form at City Hall, or call the City Administrator at 559-564-8055.

I want more information about city events.

The City’s event calendar is regularly updated with upcoming events in Woodlake. Please let us know if you would like to add additional events to the Woodlake calendar.

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